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3 November 2020

Statement of Purpose
It is necessary to note that the Graduate program is a great opportunity for me to achieve my primary career goal to participate in the functioning of a multinational corporation. I have a dream to become a member of the organization, which has departments around the world and works with the employees from many countries. I suppose that the future of international business relations depends on the performance of such corporations. Accordingly, my work in MNC could be a perfect possibility for me to become a part of the economic evolution of the Western civilization. I am sure that the Graduate program will provide me a chance to study all necessary aspects of Human Resource Management regarding the business processes inside the MNCs.
At the same time, I want to enrich my cultural experience and communicate with the individuals of different views and social backgrounds. Thus, I want to become a leader with the responsibilities in the sphere of cross-cultural management and team building to reveal my inner potential for communication and motivating people. I suppose that leadership plays a unique role in the management of a modern organization. Leaders are not only those people who motivate the employees and control the implementation of tasks. An ideal business leader of the 21st century understands all processes inside the company and exerts maximum effort to retranslate the organizational mission to the employees. It means that such a leader has to possess great communication skills and brilliantly understand the market realities. It is impossible to achieve such aim without the long-term education with the best specialists. I guess that the Graduate program is a great example of an educational training, which perfectly suits the stated goal.
I already have a deep organizational experience in the sphere of Human Resource Management. Thus, I engaged in the activities of the local NGO fighting for the improvement of the life of our local community. I was responsible for the coordination of volunteers who helped to do public park cleaning. I regularly faced issues with the implementation of planned projects due to the irresponsible attitude of people towards their duties. I developed the system of public rewards, which ensured that all volunteers receive recognition in the case of systematic assistance to the commune. My initiative was based on my own scientific research in the sphere of motivation. I found that recognition could be a better incentive than the monetary reward. The initiative had a great success. We completely coped with the plans and even came up with new tasks for volunteers.
I guess that this experience shows my ability to use theoretical ideas in practice. I am confident that the Graduate program provides an opportunity to understand the dialectical interconnection between hundreds of economic, social, and cultural theories in the sphere of Human Resource Management. This theoretical experience is absolutely invaluable in the epoch of the information noise when many conflicting views coexist. Therefore, I highly appreciate the chance to interact with the professional teachers who are able to lead me through a lot of false facts to the truth.
I want to highlight that I also could contribute to the program. I like to participate in discussions and I usually generate activity in class. Simultaneously, I understand the psychological differences between the individuals, especially in the sphere of temperaments. I have the ability to engage in communication both introverts and extroverts. Furthermore, I will regularly be available for dialogue after the end of the course and share my practical experience in accordance with the program basics. Accordingly, my participation in the Graduate program can be beneficial to all participants.

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