About Us

For the last 7 years, our young team has been providing students with different useful tools throughout the web. We are successful at what we do, because we understand the needs of students, as we graduated ourselves not so many years ago.

So, looking for options to help students, we realized that there is one thing students need the most – extra money. Yeah, no surprise on this, but still.

Students need a real job that:

  1. Doesn’t disrupt their studying process;
  2. Doesn’t involve late-evening shifts (nobody likes to miss the coolest evening events!)
  3. Does not involve hard physical work;
  4. Has no visa limitations (international students often have this problem.)

Considering the above requirements, we came out with a high-quality tool for students, which makes their life much easier in the context of academic writing assignments. Popularizing it and follow-up of the orders will be your main responsibilities in this independent job-offer.

This is how we give you the opportunity of a job that will bring you clean and easy money, while you still be totally devoted to studying!

Earn and Learn!