Academic writing has always been one of the most challenging tasks in college. It requires analytical skills, creative thinking, ability to generalize and draw the right conclusions. Not every experienced writer has all these skills. But the student should have them. As otherwise, they won’t be able to be evaluated fairly.

This way, every day more and more students look for professional academic writing and editing help online. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited by the majority of UK and USA universities, thus such services for students place emphasis on helping with writing original papers.

How to make sure the service student is going to cooperate with is reliable and legitimate? Reviews are your main tool. There are many review platforms, but it is not reasonable to look for reviews on the doubtful unknown ones. There could be many fake reviews that would probably mislead you.

To get actual and true information, choose well-known reputable review platforms like SiteJabber or Trustpilot. They have strict checking systems and don’t publish paid or fake reviews.

The other option is to visit websites whose occupation is reviewing the editing services specifically. Such websites’ writers have a good understanding of how to evaluate editing services, what aspects are the most important, and what students are more interested to get to know.

Here, at DePapers, we conduct thorough research before publishing any reviews and have an eagle eye for the editing services’ features that might be crucial for you. Today, we’d like to present to you the TOP 5 Academic Editing Services you can rely on at any time.

TOP 5 Academic Editing Services You Can Rely On

1. 👉 Ivory Research

Ivory Research editing company provides its service for over 15 years. It is an impressive period of time and proves the company has something unique to offer. During all this time Ivory Research editing and proofreading services were in high demand. It is a well-known company in the United Kingdom and all over the world.

They offer a wide range of services. You can order editing of the following papers:

  • dissertations
  • courseworks
  • professional cover letter
  • personal statement
  • research paper and others

Ivory Research is well known for its great assistance in problem-solving, including mathematics, physics, chemistry problems. There are a few services that are good at this. And Ivory Research is one of them.


A 500-word essay will cost you about £90. It is not cheap, but ordering an essay from such a reputable company, you can be absolutely sure the paper you’ll get will be unique, free of grammar mistakes and plagiarism, and properly formatted. It is not the brand, but the quality you pay for.


  • Exceptional Quality. The company provides customers with the best editing and proofreading service and also offers a full dissertation service. The papers are original, written in advanced English, and free of grammar mistakes or plagiarism.
  • A Whole Bunch of Free Extras. The service offers not only free revisions like many others, but implemented a 10-day period during which you can require any amendments to be done in your paper.
  • Transparent Performance. The company has an offline head office situated in London, the United Kingdom, shares its registration data and willingly answers all the questions related to the legitimacy of their occupation.


  • High Prices. When the service is a superstar, the prices are usually not cheap. Though the quality is high, many students can’t afford it.
  • Complicated Scale of Writers’ Expertise. When filling up the form, it is a little bit hard to understand how the writers’ expertise differ. You lose time trying to sort it out.

2. 👉 Pen Camp


Pen Camp is a rather young editing service. However, it doesn’t make them underqualified. They have a strict hiring procedure for the writers and offer a creative approach to editing. According to the customers’ reviews found on the Internet, the writing style is bold, vivid and unique. This is what makes Pen Camp editing service stand out from others.

The essay editing website offers an average list of writing services, among which usual essays, research papers, application essays, courseworks and also other types of papers — marketing plans, CVs, etc.


Here, you can order a 1-page essay (about 300 words) at $17.55. The price is more than affordable. Almost any student can make such an investment in their academic performance improvement.


  • Encrypted Connection. The service uses the latest technologies to protect your anonymity and guarantee you 100% confidentiality.
  • Excellent Business Communication. The customer support is really helpful. Their average response time is only 90 seconds.


  • Writers’ Competing for Your Order. It is a controversial feature. But we see more negative than positive in it. Writers try to win your order over others, and it means it can be assigned to the writer less qualified or experienced than you’ve expected.

3. 👉 WordWice


WordWice is an editing service that narrowed its occupation down. They mostly work with the papers that authors are going to publish in popular science and other magazines. They pay great attention to terminology use, clarity, coherent logic, formatting and proofreading.

WordWice editors have improved over 100,000 manuscripts and academic articles and keep developing to remain one of the best on the market. They help their clients to become writers in such prestigious magazines like Science, National Geographic, Nature, etc.


The prices for editing service start from $0,04 per word. It is a very attractive offer considering the level of difficulty is even higher than editing college essays. Most likely, they are able to keep their prices low thanks to the regular huge number of orders.


  • Providing Comprehensive Comments. WordWice writers and editors not only edit the papers, but also provide customers with marginal comments, so they better understand why the correction is needed.
  • Certificate of Language Editing. WordWice writers and editors have certificates that prove their expertise in editing academic papers.


  • Narrow Expertise. The service mostly works with science or popular science articles and manuscripts that are meant to be published in popular magazines. Thus, they have less experience in other fields.
  • No Short Deadlines. The shortest possible deadline is 9 hours. Though it is not a long period, sometimes writers have less time for it.

4. 👉 EditAge


EditAge is as trustworthy as WordWice. They offer similar services with a tiny difference. EditAge is a little more conservative. Nevertheless, they have implemented great features that make them very attractive in customers’ eyes. One of them is Q&A with your editor. You can ask your editor unlimited questions, they are free of charge.

Also, they offer three levels of editing, so the customers can choose what suits them best. They are:

  • Premium Editing
  • Premium Editing Plus
  • Advanced Editing

You will have everything you expect from editing using the first one. The others are for perfectionists and those who want to be branded as such.


Advanced editing will cost you $0,048 per word. The price is great for a service that has such a huge experience and a spotless reputation.


  • 15+ Years of Experience. EditAge is a service that has been helping writers to polish their articles for long years. There is no reason to be worried about the quality of their work.
  • In-House Editing Team. The service has its regular team of editors who work for the company full time. Thus, EditAge can guarantee the deadlines, as well as customers’ expectations, will be met.


  • Inflexibility. The service is old-school. Sometimes it ends up in lacking the liveliness of language and progressive thinking.

5. 👉 Scribendi


Scribendi service is a universal company that offers editing of different types of papers. If you need to find someone to edit your proposal, they will do it. As well as they will edit your term paper, admission essay or journal article.

It was founded over 20 years ago and since then has been expanding its occupation gradually.


Editing of a 300-word essay with a 1-week deadline will cost you less than $14. Considering all the rewards and certificates Scribendi has, it is the lowest price they can set. This means, attempting to make their service affordable for everyone is their main goal.


  • Unrivaled Quality Assurance. Scribendi has got ISO 9001:2015 standard which is great evidence their system remains top-of-the-line till today.
  • Ability to Choose Non-English Editor. Here, you can assign your paper to the writer who uses English as a second language. It is a good option for those students who don’t need a perfect English sounding.
  • Fast Delivery. Scribendi editors are able to complete their work in 4 hours! It is impressive and, probably, the option is in high demand.


  • Alarming Attention to Reputation. Scribendi does have an incredible reputation. Though, sometimes it can turn into obsession and become more important to the company than the real quality of their service.

Most Popular Questions About Academic Editing Services

📌 What are the criteria for choosing a reliable academic editing service?

Choosing a reliable academic editing service, a customer has to check if the service:

  • provides high-quality service according to the customer’s requirements;
  • guarantees customer’s privacy;
  • operates legitimately and has all the needed documents to prove it;
  • has a round-o-clock customer support desk where customer can get the answers to all possible questions 24 hours a day;
  • applies the latest technical solutions to everyday practice.

When paying someone to edit your papers, do not hesitate to be curious and even annoying to make sure you will get what you need. It is better to sound boring and paranoiac in the beginning, than feel disappointed in the end.

📌 What is the best academic editing service?

This question doesn’t have the only answer. You have to choose the best academic editing service for you based on your preferences.

Looking for the best option, here are the things to take into consideration:

  • your specific field;
  • the type of your paper;
  • the deadline;
  • the level of editing you are willing to get;
  • the way you want to communicate with the editor (directly or with the customer manager as mediator);
  • the price.

Last, but not least, always make sure the service is working within the law.

📌 How can I edit my academic paper?

You can edit it on your own. Or, if you need the editing to be professional yet quick, you can make use of one of the mentioned above editing services. Each of them has something unique to offer.

Discuss all your options beforehand, so later you’ll get the paper ready to be submitted to the needed place.

📌 How much does academic editing cost?

The price of the editing service depends on the type of the paper, its length, the subject, the field, and, obviously, the deadline. Each service establishes its price that allows them to compete with the other services.

You can easily check the price using the forms that websites put on each page. It is not secret information, and the prices are often flexible. Always ask if you can get a discount.

📌 How much does it cost to proofread an academic paper?

Often, proofreading is included in editing service, thus you don’t have to pay extra for it. If you need just proofreading, make use of the form on the editing service website you want to take advantage of.

📌 What does an academic editor do?

Academic editors provide comments on language and narration to those who need help with editing and proofreading. They correct the grammar mistakes, make the paper clear and comprehensive, check if the style is appropriate for the paper’s purpose. Also, they format the paper according to needed formats (APA, MLA, etc) and prepare cover letters for the magazine’s editors. They put their professional final touch so the paper is ready to be submitted.

📌 How do I find an academic editor?

Today, editing service is available online. To find an academic editor, find an editing service you like and choose one the editors the company offers.

📌 Why should customers not opt for cheap academic editing services?

Making use of a cheap academic editing service customers risk their reputation. If a service offers low prices, it could mean two things: either the service has many loyal and regular customers, or their service is poor.

The first ones are well-known services, as a rule, so you’ve probably heard of it and can make an order with a light heart. Others are mostly frauds, or unscrupulous services that don’t care about their clients. It is your choice to make.

Final Thoughts

Editing services are not for anyone. Their main customers are people who seek perfectionism and aim to improve their performance in all possible ways. Such people usually succeed in life and have impressive career paths.

If you are or would like to become one of them, editing service is a place you have to visit regularly. It doesn’t only help you sound more persuasive and bold, but also makes you better understand where you are now and what you have to do to reach your destination faster. Rely on the best editing services to become a more progressive and attention-grabbing scientist!