Getting proper education is a top priority for the majority of modern youth. Though the present era implements new rules for those who want to succeed, like life-long learning, or spontaneous necessity to change the profession, good education remains the feature that differs progressive people from mediocre ones.

University and colleges are still the most appropriate places where you can get it. Here, academic writing is a tool a student can gain knowledge with and at the same time a tool to present your views and express yourself. The final masterpiece is a dissertation, the most difficult paper of all the college years.

I wonder if all the students can write it absolutely independently? Or many need help with the language and APA, MLA formatting but too shy to get it? The second statement seems more real, don’t you think?

Do they deserve to get help and guidance? Sure, they do. And luckily it isn’t a hard task today. There are many legitimate proofreading services that offer professional and quick editing help. But the question is how to find the top service? Here is a short guide:

  1. The best services have offline offices situated in the USA, UK, or Australia.
  2. The top services for students cost not much, but not cheap. They establish reasonable prices and make them flexible.
  3. If you want to find someone to edit your dissertation fast, be ready to pay extra.
  4. Before paying someone to edit your dissertation, make sure the person or the service she works for is real and operates within the law.
  5. Pay attention to the editing service’s communication culture.

You will need the above tips if you aren’t keen to trust professionals. In case you are, here is the DePapers list of TOP 5 Dissertation Editing Services that will iron your paper out.

1. 👉 Dissertation Writings

DissertationWritings is the company that pops up in your head first when you think about getting professional assistance with your dissertation writing. It is a well-known reputable service that helps students for over 10 years.

They offer customers editing, proofreading of their dissertations as well as full package support. There are three academic levels of the writing assistant’s expertise you can choose from:

  • Undergraduate
  • Bachelor
  • Professional

Most of the clients choose the last one. However, the first and the second aren’t poor, too. When checking the website, we’ve chosen a Bachelor’s one and received an impressive dissertation introduction chapter. I’d say, the naming isn’t appropriate, the quality is.


DissertationWritings provides their service at a cost $33 per page. It is the price for a 2-week deadline. Considering the complexity of an academic paper, the price is good and reasonable, but not as cheap as many hope for.


  • Easy Ordering Process. The Order Form is plain and simple. You don’t waste your time trying to understand how to fill it up, and make your order fast.
  • Prompt Delivery. The company promises to complete one chapter of your dissertation within 24 hours. This is a great option for those in a hurry.


  • No Regular Staff. The writers are freelancers. Though it allows the service to set a good price, they can’t control writers properly, which eventually could lead to a decline in the quality.
  • Outdated Website. It is not as user-friendly as I’d like and needs significant improvement.

2. 👉 Scribbr

The most amazing feature of Scribbr is their attention to detail. When cooperating with this service, there is a feeling they offer you something faster than you can think you need it. It is unbelievable how many useful additional services they’ve implemented in their job.

For example, you can choose either British or American English here. Or you can add Citation Checker service to your order. This is the level of meticulousness each student dreams of.


The prices on Scribbr start from $0.017 per word. It means one-page will cost you about $5. Excellent opportunity to get your dissertation edited and proofread and not affect your budget.


  • Launching the Scribbr Academy. The company has an interesting and unusual approach to the hiring process. They are so unique that they’ve opened a special academy for those who would like to join their writers’ community. This is what taking care of the reputation looks like.
  • Certificate of Proofreading. Making an order on Scribbr, a customer can count on getting a certificate of proofreading that states the papers were proofread by professionals. It is an effective way to assure customers the quality is high.


  • Inflexible Deadlines. There are 7 day, 3 day, and 24 hours deadlines. Perhaps, there are other options, but they are not obvious for the random customer.

3. 👉 ServiceScape

ServiceScape proofreading service is one of the most popular companies in the field. It has been helping thousands of students all over the world for not less than 15 years. Here, a customer can choose a writer, editor, or proofreader from a huge detailed base. You can meet your professional beforehand watching their video self-presentation.

The ServiceScape writers are capable of editing papers in different fields. There are biology, psychology, engineering, business, and education among them.


The average price is $14 per page. It depends on the writers’ proficiency, but always reasonable and even negotiable.


  • Wide Range of Services. The platform edits and proofreads different types of papers in different fields. Thus, it could become your reliable satellite throughout all the college years.
  • Free Writing Prompt Generator. Though the feature is designed for fun, it could be pretty useful in Creative Writing or coming up with hook sentences for your thesis or dissertation paper.


  • Unclear Communication. The data on the website is rather confusing. It looks like a puzzle you have to solve before getting the right to order a service you need, and it is irritating.

4. 👉 Global English Editing

GEE is a professional proofreading service whose main office is situated in Melbourne, Australia. The service provides customers with high-quality academic editing assistance and works within the law. They emphasize their service is approved by universities.

GEE offers only English native speakers assistance and oriented to English-speaking students from the UK, USA, and Australia.


Academic editing of a 300-word paper will cost you about $28. If you want to be sure your paper will be absolutely flawless after editing, it is the price you are probably ready to pay.


  • No extra charge for short deadlines. GEE prices don’t depend on the deadline. It is an amazing feature no other well-known service offers.
  • Constructive criticism as a tool to help improve your writing. GEE writers edit and proofread author pieces of academic writing and provide them with helpful comments free of charge that allow them to become better at writing further on.


  • Fixed prices. Due to no extra charge for short deadlines, the prices are fixed and can be a little bit higher for those who can wait longer.

5. 👉 Cambridge Proofreading

Cambridge Proofreading is a trusted company that was found in Cambridge, United Kingdom. It doesn’t pay great attention to marketing, as the majority of clients come here thanks to the word of mouth. They focus on subject-oriented proofreading and editing and are proud of their wide range of writers and narrow specialists.

Many writers at Cambridge Proofreading are the members of the Board of Editors in the Life Sciences and the Council of Science Editors.


The pricing policy is fair and reasonable. To get your 500-word essay edited in 24 hours you have to pay about $26. Other services ask much more while can’t guarantee the same quality as Cambridge Proofreading.


  • Exceptional Writers. Cambridge Proofreading writers have an impressive academic background and keep improving their skills every day.
  • Competitive Price. The prices are surprisingly low. It can mean only one thing. The service truly wants to help their colleagues succeed in their professional life.


  • Excessive Interference. Some writers are overqualified and sometimes it provokes too many unnecessary edits and comments.
  • No discounts. There are no promos or discounts you can make use of. If you are ordering something, you have to pay the established price.

Most Popular Questions About Dissertation Editing Services

What are the criteria for choosing a reliable dissertation editing service?

There are many good and reliable dissertation editing services, but it is hard to predict which one will suit you best. Anyway, you can follow our recommendation to make the right decision:

  • do not make the low price your main goal;
  • check what experience editors have and what fields they are professionals in;
  • make sure your anonymity is protected;
  • ask what guarantees you have in case you won’t be satisfied;
  • read the reviews.

What is the best dissertation editing service?

The best dissertation editing company is the one that provides its services legally and has a good reputation. If there are many negative reviews, keep looking. Also, if there are only positive reviews, it is alarming, too.

Be suspicious and attentive to details. Ask for the detailed agreement and read it carefully. The time you invest in checking the editing service’s data before making an order will save you from fraud.

How can I edit my dissertation?

Editing dissertations is a common service provided by a plethora of companies. When looking for the most suitable dissertation editing service for you, keep in mind your subject. It will help you to find the most appropriate service much faster.

How much does thesis editing cost?

The prices vary a lot. Unfortunately, it is impossible to even name the average price. The dissertation editing services set their prices based on their experience, writers’ expertise, the length and depth of the dissertation, complexity of the topic, the deadline, etc.

There are too many details to predict anything. The easiest way to know the price is to check it before ordering using the special forms on certain platforms.

How much does it cost to proofread a dissertation?

Again, it depends. However, it is much cheaper than editing, as it doesn’t involve style, narration, formatting, etc.

The majority of services add proofreading in their editing service, so the clients don’t need to pay extra for it if ordering editing in the first place.

What does a dissertation editor do?

A dissertation editor is a person who gives you “all clear” before submitting your paper. They check the grammar, spelling, style, and formatting. They fix all the mistakes they catch and provide the author with comments about the ways he can rewrite the paper so it sounds more persuasive and confident.

How do I find a thesis editor?

All editing services are available online nowadays. You can find your thesis editor on one of the editing platforms or assign your thesis to an independent professional. It is not hard to find a thesis editor as it is, it is hard to find a good and experienced one.

Why should customers not opt for cheap dissertation editing services?

It is understandable why people, especially students, want to pay less. However, when the desire to save money is stronger than the desire to polish your paper, it could be as damaging as having no professional look at your dissertation at all.

Cheap services are often frauds. There are exceptions, but very rare. If you don’t want to end up with nothing, pay the reasonable price for the editing service you need.

To Conclude

Academic writing is a complex type of narration. There are many strict rules that, on the one hand, don’t make sense, but on the other hand, can’t be neglected. It could be boring. It could be overwhelming. And it is definitely not easy.

Having completed the dissertation independently, a student did a great job already! And now, after weeks or months of sleepless nights and constant stress, he needs someone who will make sure the paper is worthy. And this person is a dissertation or thesis editor who built a career preparing and checking such papers.

Editing is the logical finish that will allow you to be proud of yourself with no doubts.

You wrote a great paper. Now, you need a little more self-confidence to defend it well. Get some dissertation editing help and do it with no effort.