What is essay editing? And who needs it?

Essay editing services were created for:

  • students;
  • young scientists;
  • and those who are going to make a breakthrough in their career to help them present themselves in the most favorable light.

Essay editors’ purpose is to make submitting popular science articles to well-known magazines or college essays to demanding professors easy.

Today, all who need professional essay editing assistance can make use of such services in no time. Many legitimate proofreading services offer their help at an affordable cost. To get help, you have to go to Google search and type what you look for. There are plenty of companies that provide their service online and at the same time have offline offices in the UK, the USA, or Australia. Now, such services are in so high demand, that you can get your essay edited and proofread in less than 24 hours.

However, before paying someone to edit your essay it is necessary to conduct the research. To choose the best college essay editing service a potential customer has to make sure the service works within the law, provide its clients with the needed guarantees, and deliver proofreading service of high quality.

The easiest way to start your research is reading the reviews. They contain information about the communication culture the company sticks to, the quality of the editing and proofreading services the customers got, the impression they have got after all.

It is a reliable way to find the top essay editing service you can trust. But it could take time. In case you lack it, there is another way. You can rely on platforms that review many services and provide customers with their expert opinion, like DePapers. Here, we aim to fasten your search, so you have more time to improve your essay with professional editing help. So, below, you can find TOP 5 College Essay Editing Services, that in our opinion, deserve to get your attention:

1. 👉 Expert-Editing.org


Expert Editing is a premium service that can deliver your essay edited to you in three hours. Frankly, such a quick turnaround gives this place a million points and we can stop here, but there are more features you have to know about them.

Besides editing, Expert Editing offers its clients full academic writing support meaning completing your papers from scratch. In this case, the papers are recommended to be used as an example and to be reworked significantly. Nevertheless, all the rights on the paper belong to the customer exclusively and he can use it for any purpose.


For the service of such level you have to pay at least $7 per page. The assistance you’ll get is absolutely worth it.


  • Money Back Guarantee. Expert Editing guarantees the high quality of their service. Otherwise, they guarantee you’ll get a full refund. To know more, go to their Terms and Conditions Page.
  • Personal Manager. Each Expert Editing’s customer is assigned with a personal manager who will guide you throughout the process. The feature is excellent for first time clients and those who like to be updated on the progress as much as possible.
  • Free Plagiarism Check. If you didn’t do it by yourself, Expert Editing will give you such service for free.


  • Writers’ Excessive Independence. Sometimes, you can receive your order seconds before the deadline. Though it depends on the editor’s speed, the company might pay more attention to each of them, so the overall customer experience will be better.

2. 👉 EssayService.com


Essay Service is a young proofreading and editing company that takes its first steps on the market. Despite their lack of experience, they have already created a comfortable place for writers who need editing help and those who can provide it.

They have outstanding customer support agents who present excellent soft skills and solve any issue with ease.


To get editing assistance here you’ll have to pay $5.7 per page. This is the starting price. And it is more than affordable. It is a crime to lose a chance like this.


  • Impressive First Order Discount. Each first time customer gets a 15% discount! It is very generous considering the other services offer a 10% first order discount maximum.
  • Decent Work With Unsatisfied Customers. It is amazing how well this service manages the customers that are not fully satisfied. Their manner is polite and respectful. This is how first time clients are turning into loyal ones.


  • Unclear Pricing Policy. While the service establishes low prices and offers great discounts, the information remains unclear. When reading the editors’ page, it turns out each editor has a unique price. Where is the mistake?
  • Few PhDs among writers. The service doesn’t have enough PhD holders among their writers. It means if all of them are occupied, your essay will probably be assigned to undergraduate or Bachelor degree holders.

3. 👉 My-Paper-Edit.com


MyPaperEdit company is a universal editing and proofreading service that will cover all your writing needs. It works with academic pieces of writing, business documents as well as with papers for the customers’ personal needs. Here, clients can edit their novels, stories and even get professional comments on their poems.

The service accepts partial payments and implements in its routine no pressure communication practice. The customer has more rights than obligations and can discuss any issue he experiences with the customer support representative without any delay.


The price for such an approach is high. If you’d like to edit your paper here, you have to pay about 30$ per page. But this is what they call Heavy Editing, which means it is the fullest editing package you can get.


  • No Prepayment Needed. Amazing and rare feature. No worries the editing won’t satisfy you and you lose your money. You pay when you see the result of the editor’s work.
  • Wide Range of Services. My Paper Edit offers not only academic editing, but also provides such service for businesses, and edit presentations, business letters, reports, etc.


  • High Prices. The price is high and only students who have no financial issues can afford it.

4. 👉 EssayEdge.com


According to New Your Times, EssayEdge is the world’s premier essay editing service. And who would argue with the most reputable magazine in the US? Not us. Besides, EssayEdge is really a decent example of a professional proofreading and editing service for students in colleges as well as business schools.

The company has been providing its service for over 20 years. They are especially experienced at editing application essays. Many students get into the best colleges in the USA with EssayEdge help.


The prices, though, are impressive, too. The standard package that includes comments on the style, a detailed professional review of the structure, and proofreading, will cost you about $70 per page. Yep, the essay editing service praised in New York Times can’t be cheap. Nevertheless, paying this sum, you’ll get your edited essay in 48 hours.


  • High Standard Quality. Ordering essay editing from Essay Edge, the client can be absolutely confident he will receive a flawless paper and will shine defending it.
  • Free Admission Preparation Guides. As the service is specifically focused on editing assistance with admission essays, they offer students a free independent guide on how to write it in the first place.


  • Prices, again. This service is the most expensive on our list, but probably the reason is, it is the only disadvantage it has.

5. 👉 WiseEssays.com


The WiseEssay service is the company that isn’t so popular as the previous one. Perhaps, you’ve never heard about it. And in this case exactly, it is a good thing. The service does its best to become well-known and attract new customers.


It offers a good quality editing service at an affordable cost which is $8.61 per page. At this price, you’ll get prompt delivery, attentive customer support, and a limited number of free revisions. Great deal, isn’t it?


  • Following The Instructions. There won’t be misunderstandings. The service follows your requirements strictly. And if an editor has questions, he is obliged to get answers from the customer to keep working on the paper.
  • Fair Cancellation Policy. No matter how much the service needs your order, WiseEssays cancels it if there are no appropriate editors. Though, it could disappoint the customer, it is the right thing to do.
  • Many Different Payment Possibilities. It is very comfortable when you can use almost any of the existing payment methods.


  • Lack of The Reviews. Considering the company is relatively young, there are not as many reviews on it as on the other services, thus, it is a little bit harder to make an informed decision.

Most Popular Questions About Essay Editing Services

What are the criteria for choosing a reliable essay editing service?

Choosing a reliable essay editing company, the major thing you have to keep in mind is the guarantees you get as an unsatisfied customer. When everything is going according to plan, it is easy to be the best. But when something goes wrong, here is when your behavior makes a difference.

Make sure the service you are going to order essay editing from, manage the controversial cases with dignity and respect to the customer. You can find such information in the reviews left on reliable platforms like SiteJabber, TrustPilot, or here, on the DePaper website.

What is the best essay editing service?

The best essay editing service is the one you think will handle your subject well. Pay attention to the services that emphasize their expertise in certain fields. If it is possible, assign your essay editing to the editor who is experienced in your exact field and has the most impressive writing skills.

How can I edit my college essay?

Editing is the crucial part of each academic paper. It is not wise to neglect it. You can edit your essay by yourself. But it is recommended to leave this job to a professional, as only experienced editors can catch all the significant mistakes and make your essay sound really well.

You can find such professionals at well-known and reputable essay editing services like listed above.

How much does essay editing cost?

Essay editing is a service that can’t have an average price and, obviously, can’t be cheap. Nevertheless, many services offer promos and discounts and implement payments in parts. Looking for an editing service, do not forget it is your reputation you’re paying for.

How much does it cost to proofread an essay?

Proofreading is usually a part of an editing service. It involves proper formatting (APA, MLA, etc.), fixing the typos and misspellings, punctuation errors, etc. If you need only proofreading, you can order it, too, and the price will be much lower than for editing.

What does a college essay editor do?

College essay editor is your guide to a completed essay. Before submitting it elsewhere, you probably want to be sure it is free of mistakes and has a logical and solid sounding. A college essay editor will guarantee you this. She will correct your grammar, check if you’ve used an appropriate style, if you’ve chosen the right words, used the most comprehensive comparisons.

It is not just about letters and commas. College essay editors make your essay alive and catchy. They help you to find your voice.

How do I find a college essay editor?

Most likely, you will find him on one of the essay editing services available online. It is a quick and reliable way to find a person that will improve your writing significantly. Private conversation is important in such kinds of services, but today you can have a video call and make sure the person shares your views and won’t change something the way you won’t like.

Why should customers not opt for cheap essay editing services?

If you need help with essay editing, it is better to find someone to edit your essay professionally. And professionals don’t cost cheap. If you don’t want to invest in your performance improvement, it is better to ask your colleague to look at your essay one more time. There is no guarantee she catches all the mistakes, but you won’t spend a single dime on it and get the same result if you opt for cheap essay editing services for students.

How Do College Essay Editing Services Make A Huge Difference?

They say, there is always a room for improvement. You can write a brilliant essay, use strong arguments, conduct deep research, look at the problem from an unusual angle, but all this can be ruined with typos and grammar mistakes. It seems they are not crucial. Your professor won’t consider them if the story will be great. Maybe, you’re right. And maybe not.

To be sure you have nothing to worry about, order professional essay editing assistance. The editor will improve your writing if it needs improvement and confirm everything is great if there are no issues. Both ways will benefit you. Thus, it is unreasonable not to make use of such services. Make your final check and be ready to reap the rewards of your hard work.