If you have come across our website, you have probably been looking for an experienced writer to help you with writing your academic paper, or perhaps you have been searching for a place to earn some money on writing essays. In both these cases, you’ll find everything you need on our website.

Why do students ask custom writing services for help when they need to complete different writing tasks? The reasons for this are numerous and may include the following ones:

  • There is not enough time left to complete the writing task all by yourself;
  • You lack good knowledge of the subject or discipline and require the support of an expert writer;
  • You lack writing skills and are not sure whether you’ll be able to complete the task flawlessly;
  • You are afraid that you won’t manage to meet the deadline set by your professor as you have a great load of papers to write;
  • You wish your essay to be written professionally and with no mistakes;
  • You are a foreign student and do not have enough knowledge of English grammar or stylistics;
  • You want to enjoy more free time and do not want to waste it on boring writing tasks;
  • You want to get the highest mark for your paper and you need your paper to be free from errors or any imperfections.

If you find yourself in one of these situations and are wondering “Who can write my paper for money", a credible writing agency will be the best possible solution. We have done small research on this matter and have chosen 3 most outstanding writing companies where you can order an essay and earn some cash by writing academic papers for students.

3 Best Writing Services That Write Essays for Money



This writing platform is one of the most widespread and popular agencies out of the numerous writing websites belonging to Search Novations Inc. They always provide authentic papers that are free from plagiarism and written from scratch by expert writers. What’s more, the quality of their papers is better than in many other companies although the support service does not always respond to the students’ queries on time. This company offers expert support with writing all sorts of academic papers like:

  • Literature review;
  • Case study;
  • Bibliography;
  • Essays;
  • PowerPoint Presentation;
  • Outline and thesis;
  • Research paper;
  • Report and much more.

Their prices are very affordable although the exact price depends on multiple factors like the level of complexity, type of paper, deadline and some other aspects. It should be admitted that the quality of their papers is immaculate in the majority of situations and all essays are delivered on time. They also have a VIP service option and are trying to guarantee that any complaint of students is handled timely and never ignored.

The major task of this writing company is to offer assistance to students with accomplishing diverse academic tasks but they also offer an opportunity to earn some extra cash. You will learn the details about how to do it at the end of this article.

There are multiple writing sites belonging to this company. One of them is known as writerbay.com where every freelance essay writer can register to complete written assignments. They hire professional writers to fulfill different writing tasks. In order to become part of the team, you need to pass the registration and then complete a grammar test. You should also prove that you have knowledge of citation styles like Chicago style, APA and MLA. And you will need to submit the copy of your diploma and test essay. Only after that, you’ll be given a chance to get started and earn $20 per page at a maximum which will translate into a substantial and stable income. They paysalaries to freelance writers once a month.

The company also has an affiliate program where you can attract new clients and earn an interest rate from what new customers spend on their orders. It’s known as Edu-Profit and offers very good commission rates giving you a chance to get hold of 60-70% of sales as well as up to 20% for rebilling. How does the system work? After you bring the customer, you’ll get 60% from their first order and 20% from the rest of the orders. You can also earn cash by attracting partners so that you’ll get 5% of their total earnings.



This platform is ranked as a highly popular agency being part of numerous sites belonging to EDUTEC LIMITED. Its major benefit is that students can communicate with writers directly, and you can also select the preferable writer based on a little talk with him/her before paying for the order. This service offers qualified help with various types of papers such as:

  • College paper;
  • Capstone project;
  • Term paper;
  • Course work;
  • Annotated bibliography;
  • Thesis;
  • Essay;
  • Literature and book review;
  • Research proposal, etc.

This service boasts of having a perfect reputation and employs only writers of the top level of qualification who are tasked to write essay for money and all speak English fluently. Writers here provide services to customers worldwide but they majorly offer their help to college or university students from the US and UK. Local writers are claimed to hold high academic degrees like Bachelor, Master’s degree, MBA or PhD. The prices start from $10 per page, and there is even a rewarding bonus system where writers can get extra bonuses if they complete the task timely and with no need for revision. A good thing about this service is that prices of papers can be negotiated, but even without this feature, they are rather competitive.

It is possible to register on this website as a customer or a writer. You can pass the registration procedure to be hired as a writer by following the link. In case you wish to become an essay writer at Studybay, you’ll need to sign up and submit the application form listing your educational background and work experience. After you pass this step, you’ll need to wait until the administrators approve your request. If it is validated, you’ll gain complete access to orders and start working right away. However, you need to have a proper qualification to be admitted as a writer.

The agency also has an affiliate program which gives an opportunity to earn extra cash by inviting new clients and writers to cooperate with the site. You’ll be paid 60% in total for the first order of the invited client and you’ll then get 15% for the rest of orders. When you register, you’ll grab a bonus amounting to $100. You’ll then get payments upon request as long as the order of the invited client is complete. It is allowed to use different social networks and platforms to advertise the services of the company but you should not use any tools that can cause harm to the company’s reputation like banners, images or some advertising materials.



This platform is ranked as one of the best rated writing agencies where you can pick a preferable writer to take care of your essay. You can speak to the writer in advance and you won’t have to pay for your paper until it is complete. Here you can order different kinds of writing assignments like:

  • Business plan;
  • Reviews;
  • Coursework;
  • Editing and proofreading;
  • Reports;
  • Term papers;
  • Case studies and much more.

We would say that you can entrust the task of any complexity to the writers of this service as they offer the competitive quality of all written papers, and you get a privilege of selecting the writer you like the most. Urgency is also not a problem as writers of this agency are ready to complete tasks even with short deadlines. However, the pricing policy does not allow you to access a full refund feature in all cases. You’ll only be able to get the money back in case your paper is plagiarized. But this should not be a matter of concern as most students are fully satisfied with their paper’s quality they receive on this website.

The prices at EssayPro are very competitive and cheap so you can get lots of papers done with this service. And they also offer different benefits to first-time clients like promo codes and special coupons. You may receive not more than 25% with this agency. There is even a specific discount program. The exact size of the discount will depend on how many papers you have ordered.

On this website, you can sign up as an ordering client or as an expert writer using the link. When working as a writer, you can enjoy numerous benefits like setting your own price for the order, getting instant payments and getting orders from returning clients. What’s more, you’ll be guided by a private manager to make sure that you achieve progress in your work. It is also easy to create and improve your profile so that your client base will gradually grow and you’ll start getting stable revenue. In order to gain access to these benefits, you need to meet certain demands of the company. Note that they hire only native speakers with a relevant academic degree and previous writing experience.

EssayPro also has a partner program that allows you to make profit by inviting new clients to the service. You can obtain a 50% interest rate for the first completed order and 20% for the rest of the orders. This company offers a very attractive commission rate especially because new customers usually tend to order multiple papers so you’ll get a fairly good interest rate. You can also keep track of the data on users which are regularly updated. The payment system is also very convenient as it allows you to get your money at the first request.

To sum up, there are three ways to earn money on writing essays:

1. To become an intermediary between the writing service and the client.

If you have classmates or friends who require support with writing essays, you can use this simple algorithm. You take responsibility for the given order, place it on the website, check the written paper and give it to the end-user. You can earn cash on the price difference between what the paper costs on the website and what you get from the client. For instance, if one page costs $10 on the website and you accept a 5-page essay at a price of $15 per page, your earning will be 5*15 – 5*10 = 75-50 = $25. And you won’t write the essay by yourself as you’ll just place an order, pay for it, check it and then give it to your friend.

This does not require too much time so you can take 3, 5 or 10 orders and earn enough cash. Besides, if you work regularly at one agency, you’ll collect bonuses and discounts which you can use to pay for orders. As a result, the cost of one page will decrease substantially while your earnings will grow. For instance, on PaperHelp website, you’ll get access to the loyalty program after signing up so that you’ll get special bonuses and other benefits. The more you order, the bigger discounts you’ll get. You may obtain 15% in total based on the number of pages ordered. And the loyalty program will grant you a bonus for every completed order.

2. To get hired as a writer.

If you have no friends who regularly require papers but you possess good writing skills, you can earn revenue on writing essays by signing up as a writer on the above websites. You will be able to select orders available on the websites and you’ll be tasked to write them to get a fixed salary. With time, you’ll gain the loyalty of returning clients and your reputation will improve which will also allow you to grab extra bonuses. To get access to more orders, you may sign up on several different writing sites.

3. To become a partner.

You may also sign up on paper writing websites as a partner and get commission rates from all the orders placed by the clients brought to it. You’ll probably need to create a site of your own and spend some money on its promotion or work on this matter by yourself. This method will be suitable for those who already have some experience in website promotion and customer attraction with the use of social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and others.

If you are trying to find the best-rated service where you could get your paper written for money, then you can safely and easily place your order on one of the above-listed platforms. And if you are in search of greater job prospects, then you only need to measure your abilities, make your choice and get started. We have no doubts that you’ll build a successful career in the paper writing industry!