Admission essay writing is seemingly the most challenging task a student gets during the last years of high school. Yes, this is not a task for a single day. You ought to prepare for presenting yourself for a while so you will win over the other applicants. Your talents and views should be expressed in such a way so the admission committee notices your presentation and chooses you.

Moreover, your personal statement has to be written in pure and rich English and contain no grammar mistakes. The assignment of such complexity might provoke stress and anxiety, but you have to keep creating your admission essay as without it your chances to get noticed are ridiculous.

Yet, there is a good opportunity you can take advantage of to master a personal statement that will stand out from the others. This opportunity is called application essay editing service. If you need help with crafting an impressive admission essay, this service will provide you with invaluable comments on how to do it.

In our article, we’d like to introduce the best players in this field to you. Here are the TOP 5 Personal Statement Editing Services that will highlight your best skills, potential and ambitions in the most favorable way.

ТОP 5 Personal Statement Editing Services

1. 👉 MyAdmissionEssay

MyAdmissionsEssay company is a service that has earned its reputation throughout the years of committed work. It is obvious from the name, they are focused on personal statement editing and are well experienced at it. The majority of the writers have PhDs and show excellent writing skills. The customer support is trained the way a student doesn’t feel more pressure trying to provide the appropriate requirements. Everything is crafted to make the student feel comfortable and confident.


Somehow, the service can keep the prices low. They start from $20 per page for admission editing help. And you have to remember, paying this price, you’ll get fully prepared and experienced editors who helped hundreds of students to get into the college they wanted to.


  • Experience. The service is focused on admission essays editing and proofreading and after years of practice does it incredibly well.
  • Subject-Matter Expertise. My Admission Essay editors work with your essay taking into consideration the subject you are going to study in college, your current preferences, and hobbies. They opt for both – the present and the future – as we all know your views can change over years.


  • Full load. It is a bit tricky to order here quick editing, as the service is so popular, it could be challenging to deliver your paper on time.
  • No partial payments. The service is 100% prepaid. And the discounts apply to first time customers only.

2. 👉 Med School Insiders

These guys are absolutely unique! Medical essays editing is one of the most difficult tasks essay editors have. And editing application essays for future medschool students is simply beyond awesome. The service offers:

  • to frame a student’s educational journey;
  • refine a student’s voice;
  • portray a student’s strength.


The prices are high, though. And it is not a surprise. You have to pay about $650 for the deep analysis and editing delivered in less than 72 hours.

The service has no real competitors. No one is going to take such responsibility but MedSchool Insiders.


  • Narrow Expertise. It is a Gold Mine for future doctors. Here, you’ll find the editors who know the subject and understand what the admission committee expects you to say.
  • Insider Insights. There are real doctors and former members of different admission committees among MedSchool Insiders writers, editors and consultants. Thus, it is the best help you can get.


  • No competitors. The service is unique and there is no possibility to compare it to others.
  • Price. The service is expensive and will definitely affect your budget.

3. 👉 Admission Helpers

Admission Helpers is an editing service that works with admission essays mostly, too, but has a wide range of subjects, like:

  • Pharmacy
  • Law
  • Dental
  • Medical

All subjects are serious and hard, so the writers at Admission Helpers are high-qualified and well-educated which make them appropriate candidates for a job like this. All of the writers are graduates of top USA and UK medical, law, pharmacy schools. No exceptions.


The cheapest editing package costs $299.99. It includes one round of edits and will be done in 72 hours. The price isn’t cheap, but reasonable for this kind of service.


  • Free Academic Coaching. The service offers free 20-minute calls to teach you the base rules of academic writing. Very helpful!


  • Strong Focus on The Subject. Such level of concentration sometimes might leave a proper writing aside. You have to check twice if the editor has proved writing skills, too.

4. 👉 Proofed.

The hardworking editor’s team in Proofed is available 24 hours a day. If you want to find someone to edit your admission essay fast in the middle of the night, it is not a problem for them.


The website is a little bit messy, it is hard to find the needed information, for example, about the prices, quickly. But we are preparing this list of TOP personal statement editing services for your convenience, so here you go. If you’d like to edit a 1000-word application essay you have to pay about $35. It is a very good price, in our opinion, and we wouldn’t wait long to make an order.


  • Free Trial. Here, before making an order, you can see what editing will look like for free.
  • Delivering Two Papers Instead of One. The service provides customers with two copies: the clean one and the draft to track the changes. Excellent way to show what was done!


  • Separate Formatting Service. This means it isn’t included in the editing or proofreading service, and if you miss this information, you’ll have to format (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.) the paper yourself.

5. 👉 Fiverr

Yep, this well-known service got in our list, too. Here you can find personal statement editing and proofreading services as well. There are various writers with different levels, areas of expertise, education, etc. So the client isn’t limited on options.


The prices differ significantly from editor to editor, and to know more about the exact person you have to go to his account and study it. There is no one Order Form like on the plenty of similar services. It is not comfortable and takes time, but it can make a huge difference if you spend enough time on proper research.


  • Different Languages Available. At Fiverr, you can edit your personal statement written in Spanish or Dutch. This is a great option which you can rarely find elsewhere.
  • Prices. Here, you can find editing service at $5 per page, and cheaper. Great deal for those who are tight on budget.


  • A Huge Platform. It is very hard to check the editors’ credentials, so it is associated with more risks.

Most Popular Questions About Personal Statement Editing Services

What are the criteria for choosing a reliable personal statement editing service?

If you’d like your personal statement to be edited and proofread appropriately, choose the editing service that has experience in editing application essays exactly. This kind of college paper doesn’t look like the others, it has many unique features, so it is better to assign this task to an editor who is familiar with its specificities.

A reliable personal statement editing service has the following features:

  • attentive customer support as the communication means a lot when editing this kind of paper;
  • high-qualified editors that preferably have participated in admission committees earlier;
  • possibility to rework the paper for free.

What is the best personal statement editing service?

The best personal statement editing service is the one that can prove its experience with many positive reviews left by satisfied customers. Good services practice individual approach to meet customers expectations completely. They have a detailed conversation with you before editing your admission essays, so they know exactly how you want to be presented.

How can I edit my personal statement?

Personal statement requires a special editing, thus it is reasonable to find an editor who has appropriate education, like Creative Writing or Arts, and shows excellent writing skills. This person will be able to rework your admission essay the way that might at first surprise you, but later make you wonder how this random guy can know you better than yourself?

How much does personal statement editing cost?

The average price for personal statement editing can be a little bit higher than the cost of essay editing. It is caused by the complexity of the paper and impact it has on your life. The editors spend more time to dive deep into your narration, analyze your personality, and try to make the most out of your talents.

How much does it cost to proofread a personal statement?

Proofreading is an important part of personal statement editing, as well. Thus, the majority of editing services for students include it in their editing service.

Yet, if you’d like to order just proofreading, it won’t affect your budget. The prices are relatively low and any student can afford it.

What does a personal statement editor do?

A personal statement editor upgrades your admission essay to the next level. After your paper is edited by a professional editor, it will sound like a real masterpiece. The editor finds the strongest parts of your statement and adds more color to them.

You can compare his work with magic. It seems just a few sentences have been added and a few words were changed, but the overall impression improves significantly.

How do I find a personal statement editor?

Like everything else, you can do it online. To find a good statement editor, you have to find a legitimate editing and proofreading service first. Do your research, read the reviews, opt for friends’ recommendations, listen to what the services’ customer support representatives say.

Gather the information that will help you to choose the right editor for you.

Why should customers not opt for cheap personal statement editing services?

Good service could be cheap, but it is an exception. Professional and trustworthy services are usually cheap in the beginning of their development. Thus, this period lasts not long and later on the service raises its prices.

If you want to polish your statement of purpose and make the member of the admission committee notice it, you probably understand it costs all the money in the world. However, luckily for you, many personal statement editing services don’t ask for all the money and offer absolutely affordable prices. It is better to not drink another cup of coffee, but order a trustworthy personal statement editor, isn’t it?

Is It The Right Choice To Order Personal Statement Editing Online?

If you doubt your decisions, it means you are an intelligent person who is able to make an informed and responsible decision. Thus, to be sure you are doing the right thing you just need some more arguments. So, here they are.

When you are paying someone to edit your personal statement, you invest in your future. It sounds pretentious, but it is true.

Most likely, you’ve been dreaming about a certain college for the last few years, you’ve seen yourself going to your first lecture, meeting your roommates, having the first college party. This life almost became your reality. And you can lose it because of grammar mistakes or style inaccuracy. Could you let this happen? No.

The best way to save yourself from breaking your dreams is to ask professionals to give your application essay a look. Experienced personal statement editors will make your essay perfect and will help you to make your dreams come true.

And if you are nervous about online cooperation, here is the reason why you shouldn’t. Many services have offline offices and it means they are actual people whose main job is to help students make their admission essays sound great. And if they don’t have an office, they probably will provide you with the needed documents and guarantees, so you can be confident about your choices.

Personal statement editing services increase the chances to make your dreams come true cosmically. Does a stronger argument exist?