Research skills have a significant impact on a student’s academic performance. Research is an inseparable part of any academic paper. And obviously, it is the main part of a research paper that college students write very often.

Sure, practicing this kind of work you are developing research skills and will be able to write better papers. Still, not even each experienced scientist or writer has mastered research. And many of them involve data analysts. So, appearing of various research paper editing services for students was just a matter of time.

Professional editing and proofreading services help students to make their research proposals to sound more solid and confident. It is no secret how insecure a freshman can feel submitting his first papers. Thus, online services aim to eliminate that feeling and show students what issues with academic writing they have and what they can do to get better at it.

Research paper editing services vary depending on their years of experience, range of writers’ expertise, possibility to work under tight deadlines, etc. There are many features a student should consider choosing the best service.

Here, at DePapers, we know the difficulty of this decision making better than anyone, and do everything to help you make the right choice. Today, we are going to present to you the TOP 5 Research Paper Editing Services that will help you to upgrade your analytical and research skills smoothly.

ТОP 5 Research Paper Editing Services

1. 👉 PaperHelp

PaperHelp is a research paper editing service that takes full responsibility for claiming their service is of exceptional quality. Over 10 years of experience they’ve gathered a truly professional team of editors who have the deepest knowledge in working with texts.


The prices for paper editing start from $6 per page. Having no offline office, PaperHelp is able to keep its prices low making it affordable for anyone.


  • Loyalty Program Goodies. Paper Help provides customers with the full load of freebies and bonuses with every order.
  • High-Qualified Editors. The company has been gathering their editors for many years, and now, it can be proud of the level of the professionalism they’ve reached.
  • Free Formatting. The service doesn’t charge for formatting service. It is a free option each customer is guaranteed with.


  • Essay Samples Available Online. Many students are glad to have an opportunity to get familiar with the service the company provides. But it can be not a good sign, as it is likely those papers were edited for somebody else and now they are published online.

2. 👉 UniPapers

UniPapers has been providing its services since 2007. During these years it has attracted over 30,000 of customers thanks to a high-quality editing service. The majority of editors at UniPapers graduated from the top USA and UK colleges. Thus, the customers could be sure their research and term papers will be edited by professionals who have a great sense of language and speak English fluently.

The company edits not only college papers, but also posters, presentations, and even poems. They have a wide expertise and are keen to accept new challenges.


The prices for research paper editing at UniPapers start from $7 per page of 275 words. Add to this unbelievably generous 30% discounts the service offers and get the most affordable paper editing service out there.


  • SSL Certificate. UniPapers service has the last version of SSL certificate that encrypts the transmitted data to protect your anonymity.
  • Free Inquiry Order. You can place a free inquiry order to check if there are free writers to assign your task to.


  • No Partial Payments. The service works only with prepaid orders arguing that they need to guarantee the payment for the writer.
  • Possible Delays. There could be insignificant delays if the writers didn’t finish the final writing verifying process.

3. 👉 SuperbPaper

SuperbPaper is a small legitimate research editing service that has turned its limited services to its own benefit. The company emphasizes it is not an average essay mill, but a little player who takes its time and could be proud of its progress.

Most likely, SuperbPaper won’t be able to complete the editing of your research paper super fast, but their work will satisfy the most demanding client for sure. They invest in their writers’ team and the quality of their work plenty of resources and time.


If you’d like to find someone to edit your paper thoroughly and make it flawless, you’ll need to pay about $6 per 275 words. The price is not the lowest in business, but the level of editing SuperbPaper provides is worth it.


  • Powerful Plagiarism Checkers. The service claims they use the most reliable and safe plagiarism checker to make sure the changes editor made doesn’t affect the research paper’s uniqueness.


  • Uncommon Urgent Cases. SuperbPaper doesn’t practice working with urgent cases a lot, thus it could be difficult to get a rapid editing here.

4. 👉 AceMyPaper

AceMyPaper is an editing service well-known for its discounts and expert service. They have gathered the top editors from the best colleges in the USA. You won’t find there editors who haven’t a proper education and experience to edit your paper professionally. All of them are talented writers who willingly share their expertise with the students and other clients.

They have created a great bonus system. If a customer has ordered over 100 pages of editing, they get a lifelong 15% off. It is a great option for those who make use of editing services on a regular basis.


The average price for 300 word college paper editing is $11.70. Considering the fact that your paper will be edited by the top 2% experts, it is absolutely reasonable.


  • Rapid Delivery. The service is created for clients who need fast editing assistance and have to be sure the paper is polished without double-checking.
  • High Standards. Ace My Paper service cooperates only with the best editors, thus, the quality of the papers are outstanding.


  • No Bonuses For The First Time Clients. The service is extremely loyal to regular clients, but has no attractive offers for the new ones.

5. 👉 SpeedyPaper

SpeedyPaper is a reliable and legitimate player in the academic editing field that already has a huge team of fans. They earned their reputation by years of committed work, but also by being pioneers in implementing the last technologies. Their monitoring system for the orders’ progress is absolutely amazing. You don’t need to ask questions, all the updates are published in your account.


The prices for a 275 word term paper editing vary from $5 to $31 and depend on the deadline and the writer’s expertise.


  • User-Friendly Website. The website is plain and simple, everything is put in order. It is comfortable and effortless to place an inquiry.
  • Transparent Communication. It is easy to understand what stages your paper will go through and what you should expect from the service you’ve ordered.


  • No Proofreading in The Package. SpeedyPaper doesn’t include proofreading in the editing package. If you need it, you have to pay extra money, though, you are able to make use of a special discount.

Most Popular Questions About Research Paper Editing Services

What are the criteria for choosing a reliable research paper editing service?

Choosing a reliable paper editing service there are a few crucial features to be considered. They are:

  • years of experience. The longer a company provides its services, the better it gets. However, do check if it keeps its standards high, as sometimes reputable services get worth thinking the reputation will do the job;
  • writers’ staff. It is more reliable if there are writers who work full time from the company’s office. They are not as flexible as freelancers, but it is easy to control the process;
  • price. Do not get tricked with the low prices. Usually, cheap service doesn’t provide a good service.

Besides, read the reviews. They often contain a lot of useful information.

What is the best research paper editing service?

The best paper editing services are those that meet your expectations. If you need your research proposal to be edited in 24 hours, the best service for you is the one offering a rapid delivery. If you are tight on budget, your choice would be a service with affordable prices.

Make your own choices, but try to get informed about the possible outcomes beforehand.

How can I edit my research paper?

Research paper editing is the task that requires decency, accuracy, attention to details, and, certainly, time. If you are confident you have all these, try to edit your paper independently. In case you have doubts about your proficiency, ask a professional editor to help you. This way, you’ll get a polished and well-structured paper with no effort.

How much does research paper editing cost?

Research paper editing price differs from service to service and from one paper to another. The price depends on the length of your research paper, its depth, the subject, the deadline.

If you need help with editing your paper and want to get it from a legitimate service, you have to understand it can’t be cheap. It might not affect your budget, but the good and quick service will definitely cost you something.

How much does it cost to proofread a paper?

Proofreading is usually a part of an editing service and doesn’t require extra money. However, you can order it separately. This way, it won’t cost much as proofreading service involves only fixing the punctuation errors, misspellings, typos, and, sometimes, formatting (APA, MLA). It is a final look at the paper as it is and doesn’t change it significantly.

What does a research paper editor do?

A research paper editor improves college papers. He analyzes the overall narration, the style, the language. Next, he changes the paper the way it would sound better and brighter.

This is not just about word changing. It is a professional interversion in your thoughts written down on the paper which makes them solid and expressive. Often research paper editors have degrees at Journalism, Publishing, or Writing.

How do I find a research paper editor?

Today, it is an easy task. There are many experienced and high-qualified editors that deliver a great service. It is better to ask for help from those editors who work for huge and well-known editing platforms and services so you have guarantees your rights are protected.

Why should customers not opt for cheap paper editing services?

Cheap research paper editing service is a great opportunity for students and writers who are tight on budget. As you can get help anyway. However, low prices should alarm you. Often, they are the sign of low quality and dishonest service providers. It increases the risks to get poor help, or even worsen the quality of the existing paper.

The most reliable way is to opt for a well-known reputable paper editing service and use the discount it offers.

What Guarantees Do I Get Paying Someone to Edit My Research Paper?

This is the most important question you have to ask if you are going to make use of an editing service. Today, there are many such services, but plenty of them are frauds. How to avoid them? Right. By checking your guarantees.

The editing company you are planning on cooperation with has to provide you with the solid and true guarantees. What are they?

  1. Money Back Option. Each legitimate editing service guarantees it will return the client’s money if the service won’t satisfy them. Such an approach is a sign of well mannered service providers and high standards of the quality.
  2. Delivering On Time. Good and reputable companies always deliver the completed papers on time. This way, they show respect to the clients.
  3. Privacy. No matter what you order, your anonymity should be the top priority for the editing service. It is your right to get editing assistance and remain anonymous.

Do not hesitate to ask as many questions as you want before paying someone to edit your piece of academic writing. Now, in case you’ll meet a fraud, it will be much easier to get the answers beforehand, than get your money back later on.

Defend your high standards by working with the best editing services. This way, your expectation will be met without a doubt.