Known as the cover letter, application essay, or personal background, the statement of purpose or SOP for short is your only chance to enter a graduate school. This paper type differs from typical essays and research works students have to deal with in high schools. High-quality SOP forms a strong applicant’s feedback. Besides, the paper highlights the student’s strong qualities and reasons why the committee should consider the candidate.

In other words, if you fail to write a good statement of purpose, you are very unlikely to grab the attention of the committee. Your paper will be lost among hundreds of other SOPs and you will never be able to enter a graduate school you have dreamt of. Understanding the paper format lets you only figure out the structure. However, you will never know what it will look like in the end.

The application essay is not just about listing all your abilities and skills. It should reflect a writer as a perfect candidate that fits a particular educational college or specialization. Besides, it should have the following features:

  • No grammar, spelling, or punctuation mistakes.
  • Concise, clear, and persuasive writing style.
  • Zero repetitive language or typical clichés.
  • A balance between formal and informal language.
  • A positive but strong and confident tone.

The task looks like a challenge especially for those who have never dealt with such kinds of academic papers. The slightest mistake can make a bad impression on the committee. To avoid any frustration, opting for the SOP writing service might be a good idea.

The 3 Best Statement of Purpose Writing Services

We have analyzed search engine results and selected the top 3 writing companies that deliver academic assistance and help students to write a good admission essay.

The review below is based on some core aspects:

  • The availability of customer support: online chat, phone, etc.
  • High rating and testimonials on such platforms as trustpilot, sitejabber, facebook, reddit.
  • The level of user-friendliness and intuitive interface.
  • Affordable prices and refund guarantees.

Our team examined each website. If the service had all the above-listed features, we place a test order to evaluate the quality and speed of writing services delivered out of the box. When placing an order, we chose the longest timeframe to benefit from the minimum price per page. As a result, we picked the 3 best statement of purpose writing companies that managed to deliver papers of high enough quality before the deadline.

Have a look at the ordering process in detail with the SOP samples that we received.

👉 is a reputable essay writing service that has been delivering academic assistance for many years. It introduces a pool of MBA, Ph.D., and Master writers who deal with different types of academic papers. They practice areas range from thesis help and ready-to-use essay samples to SOP, research paper writing, and more.

Users may choose from three different categories of writers depending on the paper level and type. They include the Basic category with the lowest price per page and baseline papers to deliver. The second category involves Advanced writers for more complicated assignments in addition to Top category with experts in various fields.

Prices Prices

The price tag depends on the paper complexity, academic level, topic, deadlines, and the writer’s category you select. It varies from $11 per page for a simple school essay to $53 for a Ph.D. paper with the tightest deadline.

Here is a brief price table:

  • The majority of typical high school papers start at $11 per page.
  • Paper editing and proofreading will cost you from $7 per page.
  • Multiple-choice questions cost $1.10 per one question.
  • If you need to handle problem-solving, you will need to pay at least $17 per single task.
  • Writing an admission essay will cost students from $34 per page or $20 per page for editing/proofreading.

Ordering Process

The first step is to choose the type of paper you want to order. With SOP, the process can be a bit challenging, as the paper is not as popular as an admission essay or a personal statement. So, you will not find it in the drop-down menu with all the writing services available. To get started, you will need to select that admission essay and indicate the deadline. We selected 20 days to get the paper with the lowest price per page.

Then, we indicated the type of institution (graduate school) and ordered a two pages of 550 words. Order Basics

At the next stage, we had to submit paper instructions, guides, and other references. This is where you can specify what you actually need. For example, you may indicate the statement of purpose for masters in human resource management or any other field that refers to your specialization. The system automatically assigns the Basic writer by default. If you are fine with that, move on to the next stage. If not, claim for a higher-quality author. However, keep in mind that the services will cost you more. Paper Details

It was very important for us to make sure that the paper would be 100% unique. So, we enabled the Plagiarism Report feature in Helpful extras section. Helpful Extras

The total sum for writing a statement of purpose was $77.99. Luckily, we found a chance to get a 10% discount while surfing the reviews about website. To get the discount, you will need a coupon code: 1515b1dec6. Feel free to use it. The code is valid by the end of 2022. Your Account

So, the final price was a bit smaller than the initial cost. We paid $70.19 using VISA. However, you may choose another payment method and pay via service.

Once the payment had been processed, we got access to our profile where we could track the order status and progress. Here you may also add corrections or updates to be reflected in the paper.

As stated earlier, the writer sent the paper before the deadline. It took him eleven days to complete the task. In other words, if you have enough time to prepare the paper, choose the maximum timeframe of 20 days as a simple way to save a couple of bucks.

Here is the statement of purpose example we received:

Sample Statement of Purpose for Human Resource Management

It is necessary to note that the Graduate program is a great opportunity for me to achieve my primary career goal to participate in the functioning of a multinational corporation. I have a dream to become a member of the organization, which has departments around the world and works with the employees from many countries. I suppose that the future of international business relations depends on the performance of such corporations. Accordingly, my work in MNC could be a perfect possibility for me to become a part of the economic evolution of the Western civilization. I am sure that the Graduate program will provide me a chance to study all necessary aspects of Human Resource Management regarding the business processes inside the MNCs.

At the same time, I want to enrich my cultural experience and communicate with the individuals of different views and social backgrounds. Thus, I want to become a leader with the responsibilities in the sphere of cross-cultural management and team building to reveal my inner potential for communication and motivating people. I suppose that leadership plays a unique role in the management of a modern organization. Leaders are not only those people who motivate the employees and control the implementation of tasks. An ideal business leader of the 21st century understands all processes inside the company and exerts maximum effort to retranslate the organizational mission to the employees. It means that such a leader has to possess great communication skills and brilliantly understand the market realities. It is impossible to achieve such aim without the long-term education with the best specialists. I guess that the Graduate program is a great example of an educational training, which perfectly suits the stated goal.

I already have a deep organizational experience in the sphere of Human Resource Management. Thus, I engaged in the activities of the local NGO fighting for the improvement of the life of our local community. I was responsible for the coordination of volunteers who helped to do public park cleaning. I regularly faced issues with the implementation of planned projects due to the irresponsible attitude of people towards their duties. I developed the system of public rewards, which ensured that all volunteers receive recognition in the case of systematic assistance to the commune. My initiative was based on my own scientific research in the sphere of motivation. I found that recognition could be a better incentive than the monetary reward. The initiative had a great success. We completely coped with the plans and even came up with new tasks for volunteers.

I guess that this experience shows my ability to use theoretical ideas in practice. I am confident that the Graduate program provides an opportunity to understand the dialectical interconnection between hundreds of economic, social, and cultural theories in the sphere of Human Resource Management. This theoretical experience is absolutely invaluable in the epoch of the information noise when many conflicting views coexist. Therefore, I highly appreciate the chance to interact with the professional teachers who are able to lead me through a lot of false facts to the truth.

I want to highlight that I also could contribute to the program. I like to participate in discussions and I usually generate activity in class. Simultaneously, I understand the psychological differences between the individuals, especially in the sphere of temperaments. I have the ability to engage in communication both introverts and extroverts. Furthermore, I will regularly be available for dialogue after the end of the course and share my practical experience in accordance with the program basics. Accordingly, my participation in the Graduate program can be beneficial to all participants.

Plagiarism report: Plagiarism Report

As you can see from the report, the paper is plagiarism-free and written from scratch. That was one of the most important issues for our review, as someone may copy and publish snippets of text from this page on other websites in the future.

Conclusion is a reliable SOP writing service with a pool of qualified writers. They deliver high-quality academic assistance that includes not only essay writing but also editing and proofreading admission essays, personal statements, and many other types of academic works.

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The website is very user-friendly with all the necessary tools in one place. You will hardly find it difficult to buy a paper. Besides, it comes with support for different payment options including Skrill, Visa/MasterCard, and some other major gateways. Visitors may look through some of the essay samples available on the website to evaluate the writing quality. Refund policy and plagiarism-free guarantees convinced us to examine this company. Let us look under the hood.

Prices offers lower-than-average prices. It may be good for students with limited budgets. On the other hand, it can vary depending on the paper type, academic level, and other crucial parameters that may affect the final cost. As for the price table, it is as follows:

  • If you need a typical paper without special requirements, it will cost you $8.99/page.
  • Editing price tags start at $5.39/page.
  • Proofreading from $4.50/page;
  • Formatting from $2.70/page;
  • Multiple choice questions cost $0,90/question;
  • Dissertation writing starts at $13.99/page;
  • Admission essay writing costs from $19.78/page.

Ordering Process

At the first stage of the ordering process, we specified the following requirements:

  • Academic level: University
  • Type of paper: Admission essay
  • Subject or discipline: Computer science
  • Paper format: Harvard
  • Number of sources: 0
  • Then we submitted the topic and some details.

When submitting additional instructions, we specified that we needed a statement purpose for undergraduate computer science. Paper Details

At the second stage, we selected the following:

  • Number of pages: 1
  • Space – Single spaced (550 words)
  • Final deadline: 14 days
  • Category of writer: Best available
  • Additional services: Plagiarism report

Computer science is a more complicated discipline if compared to other fields like history or ecology. For this reason, we expected the price to be a bit higher. As a result, the final cost was $90.01 per 550 words including the plagiarism report as an extra service. The good news is that we also found a discount coupon code: ESSAY10EXPERT. It made it possible to reduce the final cost down to $82.01. Price Calculation

The third stage is to complete a fast registration process. All you need is to indicate a bit of perusal info. Make sure you read Terms and Conditions, Refund Policy, Privacy Policy, and Cookie Policy before you pay for the order. As stated earlier, the website supports several payment methods that include debit/credit cards. The payments are accepted through BlueSnap payment gateway. Personal Information

The support team contacted us immediately after we had completed the registration process and paid for the order. Managers asked several questions to clarify the task. What’s more, the provided access to the website profile where we were able to track the order status. Once it has been completed, it appears in the profile available for download. It took the author 8 days to write and send a ready-to-use paper.

Every client has a chance to claim free revisions within 10 days after receiving the order in accordance with the revised terms. We decided to check if it is true and asked for a free revision. The paper was corrected and rewritten the same day at zero cost.

Here is the statement of purpose example we received:

Sample Statement of Purpose for Computer Science

I am pleased to apply for the bridge program at New York University. I am good at software engineering, and the reason I am applying for the bridge program is so that I can enroll in computer science academic program. A career in software engineering is indeed my passion, and, therefore, I will give it my full dedication, devotion, and commitment.

Although I am an economics graduate from the University of Texas at Austin, I have a solid background in mathematics and basic programming. I enrolled for an introduction to databases (SQL) course and attained an A in the class, consequently acquiringskills and knowledge on algorithms and methodical processes which aid in the representation, acquisition, processing, communication, storage, as well as access to data. I also took a management information systems course and made an A- in the class.In a management information system course, I learned CSS and HTML, thus, comprehending how websites are developed, and content managed on the web pages. Besides, I made an A- in an econometrics class where I acquired adequate skills on how to use STATA. Currently, I am in the process of completing Python specialization through Coursera at the University of Michigan where I learned fundamental programming concepts including networked applications, program interfaces, and databases using the Python 3 language. I was completely unversed with programming and found Python as the best programming language to indeed start with. Once I succeed in the bridge program, I will focus on completing a master’s program in computer science at New York University and thereafter secure a job as a software engineer where I will endeavor to give the best solutions. The world is embracing technology and corporations that are determined to provide services in an efficient manner, hence, there isa high demand for computer systems.

I am currently working at PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP in the valuation and business modeling practice. While undertaking my duties, I have been able to perform computer-related tasks, hence, gaining insights on programming and analysis. Further, I was a financial analyst while working as an intern at Warner Bros Entertainment in Los Angeles, California.At Warner Bros Entertainment, I performed numerous variance analyses comparing quarterly revenue forecasts to WB’s current long-term revenue prediction. I worked as an intern with the finance and operations team at Cognitive-Scale which is an augmented intelligence software firm in Austin. At Cognitive-Scale, I learned that augmented intelligence happens to be an alternate conceptualization of “artificial intelligence” that concentrates on the assistive role of artificial intelligence, stating that “cognitive technology” is indeed designed to improve human intelligence, instead of replacing it. Therefore, having computer science education will help me understand and apply both machine learning and artificial intelligence in the future because organizations are swiftly adopting AI in their processes.

While working in finance, I realized that numerous processes are completed manually and subsequently noticed wastage of resources on basic and repetitive tasks. I, therefore, want to learn computer science so that I can find a solution and automate the inefficiencies in the corporate world. Indeed, I enjoyed learning computer-related skills at the University of Michigan and strongly felt I have the logical thinking needed in programming and coding. I believe my experience and skills have significantly prepared me for a computer science program and,therefore, I am fit for the bridge program.

Plagiarism report: Plagiarism Report

The report has shown one coincidence. The total plagiarism result was 98.9%, which is acceptable. They used the PlagScan tool to proceed with the plagiarism check.

Conclusion is a professional online writing service with a wide range of practice areas. Local writers specialize in application essays and personal statements as well. The company has a good online reputation and strives to deliver prompt academic assistance of the highest quality.

👉 is a well-established academic writing service. It has grown into a globally recognizable service with more than 10,000 qualified writers. According to reviews and testimonials, the quality of papers is very high resulting in more than 85% of returning customers. Apart from baseline guarantees and features, the company has a real physical address and support on the phone. This fact certainly adds confidence to customers who can buy different types of paper from admission essays and article reviews to augmentative papers and annotated bibliography.

The website has an intuitive and user-friendly paper ordering widget with the final sum automatically calculated and displayed. Besides, students may count on round-the-clock support and a personalized approach with personal managers to discuss order details.

Prices Prices

It does not matter what type of paper you need. It can be either a personal statement, dissertation, resume, or business plan – the fixed price per page of the academic paper will solely depend on the level and deadline. This is how it differs from the two writing websites described earlier. If you require additional services, you will need to pay for them as well.

  • The minimum price per page for the high-school paper with a 14-day deadline is $9.
  • The maximum price per page for the Ph.D. paper with a 24-hour deadline is $40.

Ordering Process

To place the order, you need to complete a simple registration process first. Registration

Once you are done, enter your account with the valid login and password to get started.

Here is what we included in paper details:

  • Type of paper: Admission essay
  • Subject, discipline – Psychology
  • Academic level: Master’s
  • Source number: 1
  • Paper format: APA

We also specified that we required help with SOP to get the Applied Behavior Analysis grade. Paper details

In the Options area, we selected:

  • Deadline: 14 days
  • Number of pages – 1 (550 words)
  • Spacing: Single
  • Extra Options: Plagiarism report ($7.99)

The final order cost without the discount was $35.99. But after using the coupon MMXB2, we received 12% off the initial price. So, the total price was $31.67. If you also want to get a discount, make sure to use the coupon by 04/11/2021. Options

The supported payment gateways include Visa and MasterCard. What’s more, users may benefit from enhanced transaction security and pay for the order using the DECTA service.

When the transaction was completed, we received an email notification about the fact that an assigned writer was ready to complete the task. We were also asked to answer several additional questions.

The paper was delivered in 10 days. It did not require any revision.

Here is the statement of purpose example we received:

Sample Statement of Purpose for Applied Behavior Analysis Program

“We do not know what we have got until we lose it” – a phrase so familiar but the one that few genuinely comprehend. I had a unique opportunity to explore its meaning when I worked with people with special needs. Observing how they live lives like anyone else despite suffering from physical or mental issues, I saw courage and determination in those people and realized that it is not only crucial to value everything I have but also to dedicate myself to helping such individuals compensate for what they do not have. Such experience was life-changing, but I also engaged with it while studying, hence my Undergraduate GPA is not as high as it could be otherwise, but it was this work that prompted me to pursue Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and make such people’s lives better, which this course will enable me to do.

Graduating with an Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) degree would be a logical continuation of my past education and experience. It would equally present a means for reaching the goals I have when I start a career. I well observed how what I learned on my undergraduate psychology course knowledge made me more equipped for working with kids suffering from autism spectrum disorder during my paraprofessional tenure. For example, when we engaged in mock interviews, it was not too difficult to comprehend them because I knew how to behave to keep them focused. At the same time, I felt I needed more expertise, and I am sure that ABA would be the exact resource I need to be better at such types of work (“6 Reasons…,” 2017). Equally, because I volunteered and studied a lot, I omitted some time I could have spent studying, hence this degree would be the right course for me to make up for the omissions and become well-equipped for working as a therapist with a special needs community.

The ABA degree will surely be a jump start for my attainment of goals I have for the after-graduate period of my life. This Master’s degree will position me to be able to make the lives of people with special needs fuller and filled with more joy. Besides, it will enable me to attain my objective of acquiring a board certified behavior analyst licence in New York so I could start working with those whose life is complicated by the Autism Spectrum disorder. The ABA degree will provide me with a competitive advantage when applying for a position to work with special needs children outside and within the classroom setting. Therefore, this course would be a life- and career-changing period for me.

Acquiring the ABA degree would change my life for the better, yet I critically understand that studies will not be particularly easy. I am a realist and understand that I will need to overcome some of my weaknesses to succeed. As a pro-practice individual, I tend to over-emphasize paperwork and might spend too much effort on it. Equally, as the one focused on results, I may want to try attaining everything planned at once. Nonetheless, I will surely reduce these weaknesses’ impact to the minimum by relying on my strong points, such as my team player skills, readiness to learn from others, emotional intelligence, stress-resistance, and critical view of my deficiencies. The ABA degree pursuit will entail some challenges, yet I am strongly determined to mitigate my weaknesses and be hard-working to achieve my goals.

Plagiarism report: Plagiarism Report

The paper was checked for plagiarism using service. The result was 0%.

Conclusion is an affordable writing service that certainly deserves trust. It does not matter what type of paper you need. The website is a safe place to hire a qualified writer at the price most can definitely afford.

Most Popular Questions About Statement of Purpose

📌 What is the difference between personal statement and statement of purpose?

Statement of purpose is to highlight your background in reference to the degree program. It also reflects prior career objectives and plans for the future. On the other hand, a personal statement mainly describes the reasons to take a specific course or taking the degree program.

📌 What should a statement of purpose include?

Like any other academic paper, the statement of purpose should have a clear structure with logically connected paragraphs. The paper should be written in a convincing and confident manner. The idea is to persuade the selection committee that you are the right candidate to select. Feel free to highlight some of the greatest achievements and results. As for the paper structure, it should be as follows:

  • Introduction – this part is to share your personal information, key specialization, interests, and things that encourage you to take the grade program.
  • Career Summary – here you can show previous career achievements and results.
  • Discussion – in this section, you can explain how your undergraduate career and current interests can be applied to the relevant program.
  • Conclusion – sum up all the info and make a conclusion based on your academic interests.

📌 How many words should a statement of purpose be?

It should not be less than 500 and not more than 1,000 words. If you exceed the limit, you are recommended to cut down on words, Revise the paper, and exclude points that may have less interest for the committee.

📌 What should be avoided while writing an SOP?

If you strive to provide a successful SOP that will make a good impression, make sure to avoid the following:

  • Writing in a too informal manner.
  • Using clichés and jargon.
  • Making grammar and punctuation mistakes.
  • Using too many contradictions.
  • Sharing opinions that are too strong.
  • Discussing controversial issues and topics.
  • Being unfair with your results.

If you think that a statement does not fit the paper, do not write it. Revise the work several times to make sure it is flawless.

📌 How to end a statement of purpose?

The final word should consist of conclusions and summaries of what has been told in the major work. It should support the feeling that you are the right candidate. You are supposed to include all major issues and point highlights described in the statement of purpose.